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Beauties For A Cause 2011 - Tanya Walker donating funds raised RSPCA

Tanya Walker - Girls4Trees/ Beauties For A Cause awareness

 MISS EARTH 2009 & Sandra  Kayleigh O'Reilly Top 16 in Miss Earth 2009
Louise Hinder - Green Award Ceremony 2010
Cora and Darius - Scotland Black and White Charity Ethical diamond Auction Ball 2010
Launch of THE WAVE Glasgow Sarah Finlay - Scotland 2009Kayleigh O'Reilly - Northern Ireland 2009

Dominique congratulates the newly crowned winners of Miss Earth 2009 -from left to right
Miss Fire, Miss Earth 09   Dominqiue - Wales 09
Miss Air 09, Miss Water 09
Beach Clean up 2009
WALES - Bute Park, Cardiff 2008 Regional Activity 1st TaskWALES - Bute Park, Cardiff 2008 Regional Activity 2nd Task
Caroline- England 08
National role Ambassador of Natural Empthany. British produced,ethical skin and hair products Now available in Selfridges Nationwide.
Earthy Caroline celebrates the opening of Green Rascals Organic Nursery and puts her green know-how to good use by helping youngsters grow their own fruit and vegetables in the nursery’s organic kitchen garden.

WALES FINALIST 08/09- Beverley Roberts volunteers her green skills to teach the new recruits at the Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust how much joy it is to go back in time and make wind chimes from recycled cd's.

WALES FINALIST 08/09 Beverley Roberts at Bryn Posteg Llanidoes Potters promoting Recycling home rubbish in Powys.
Courtney - Scotland 08
Attend's the Carbon Collective Official plantation of 100 Trees generated from the UK 2008 Crowning Ceremony.
Gemma - Northern Ireland 08 Regional Activity heat in Ballymena promoting Britains plants and flowers with regional winner Kayleigh O'Reilly.
Gemma- Northern Ireland 08 Promoting the importance of keeping our street's clean!Gemma - Northern Ireland08
The Green Team promote environmental awareness!
Gemma - Northern Ireland 08.
Hands on and all good fun during a large scale beach clean up at Miss Earth 08
Caroline- England 08
Educating our future generation to grow organic home produced vegetables

2008 Official UK Crowning Ceremony Environmental message category.
UK winners Tree Planting ceremony at Miss Earth 2008
Caroline- England 08
Launches the very first Ethnical exhibition at Pure, London.
Caroline- England 08
Promoting the good things that come out of recycling old car plates!
Littlearth eco-fashion handbags.
NEC, Birmingham.
Caroline- England 08
Green Lifestyle Seminar.
Time to take action & listen!
Armagh Planetarium - Northern Ireland Regional Activity Heat 08
Caroline- England 08
World Press Call
Caroline -
Face of Natural Empthany

Earth Hour - Press Call hosted at Club4Climate "Surya".
The UK's first ecological club.  
Kings Cross. London.
Green Award Winner 08,
Miss Earth - London 08
Wales 2008 - Jamie Lee Williams

Courtney & Jamie.
Soil preparation in the loving hands of our international Earth Girls
The newly crowned Miss Earth 2008 Karla Paula Henry & Jamie Caroline- England 08 Over one hundreds lights switched off to promote Earth Hour at Barnitts Store in Colliergate, York 
Courtney -Scotland 08 International press callGemma - Northern Ireland 2008 We love our animals!
 Clair Cooper -  England 07
Clair- England 07
School visit

Aine Gormley- Northern Ireland 07
Now Dr Gormley (Science)
5th place in Miss Earth 07 "Beauties for a cause Award"
Sarah Fleming -  Wales 07


2016 -
England - Luissa Burton
Scotland- Amy Meisak 
Wales - Charlotte Hitchman 
Northern Ireland - Julianne Mc Stravick  
Teen United Kingdom -  Chelsea Rist
Beauties For A Cause UK - TBA
Winner - 

England - Katrina Kendall
Scotland- Amy Meisak
Wales - Lara Stephen
Northern Ireland - Dearbhla Walsh 
Teen United Kingdom - Anjali Sinha
Beauties For A Cause UK - Molly-Marie Buckley
Winner - Philippines


England - Gabriella Gatehouse
Wales - Yasmin Alley
Scotland - Romy McCahill - International Top 16
Northern Ireland - Justine Mc Eleney
Teen United Kingdom - Abbey Gyles
Beauties For A Cause UK - Ria Carroll
Winner - Philippines 

England - Chloe Othen
Wales - Angharad James
Scotland - Kiera Kingsman
Northern Ireland - Amira Graham
Teen United Kingdom - Cleo Fish
Beauties For A Cause UK - Chloe Othen
Winner - Venezuela

England - Zahida Allen
Wales - Zoe Kinsella
Scotland - Sara Pender  - International Top 16
Beauties For A Cause UK - Collet Collins
Winner - Czech Republic

England - Roxanne Smith
Wales - Emma Franklin
Scotland - Amanda Quinn
Northern Ireland - Alixandra Halliday
Southern Ireland - Rachelle Liggett
Beauties For A Cause UK - Tanya Walker
Winner - Ecuador

England - Sandra Lees
Wales - Louise Hinder
Scotland - Cora Buchanan
Northern Ireland - Judith Keys
Southern Ireland - Alesha Gallen
Teen United Kingdom - Nicole Jackson
Winner - India

England - Kirsty Nichol
Wales - Dominque Dwyer
Scotland - Sarah Finlay
Northern Ireland - Kayleigh O'Reilly - International Top 16
Winner - Brazil

England - Caraoline Duffy
Wales -  Jamie Lee Williams
Scotland - Courtney St John
Northern Ireland - Gemma Walker
Winner - Philippines

England - Clair Cooper
Wales - Sarah Fleming
Northern Ireland - Aine Gormley - International Top 5 awardee
Winner - Canada

England - Holly Ikin
Wales - Laura Livesy
Winner - Chile

UK - Emma Corter
Winner - Venezuela

View below Video footage of Miss Earth through the years

Many people admire and aspire to be a beauty queen,
Carousel Productions owners of Miss Earth believed beauty queens
would be a good and effective advocate of worthy causes and bring
a new meaning to light the conscious effort of promoting clean and
healthy environment. To give life to this vision,
MISS EARTH launched 12 years ago MISS EARTH®

Take a look at Miss Earth through the years

Miss Earth 2009 Televised Final
(Kayleigh O'Reilly announced in Top 16 at the International Miss Earth)

Miss Earth 2009 Northern Ireland in Top 16

Miss Earth 2008 Televised Final (Opening Number)
Caroline Duffy, Jamie Lee Williams,Courtney St John & Gemma Walker

Miss Earth Beach clean up

Miss Earth 2007 Results
Clair Cooper, Sarah Fleming & Aine Gormley



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