Alexandra Jenkins

Personal Profile:
Age 17
Height 5'8"
Hair Colour Other
Hair Length Long
Skin Tone White
Eye Colour Hazel
Although I have only just turned 17, I feel that I have achieved a lot in my life so far. I am proud of my individual achievements and also those that I have acquired through teamwork. I try to make sure my life is open to new opportunities and I always look to continually better myself and improve.

To date, I have competed in 4 beauty pageants and regard these as high in my personal accomplishments. Unfortunately I did not place but this is where my admiration and love for pageants started I continued to then compete across the country.

Along side my love for pageantry; education is something I pride myself on too. I thoroughly enjoyed my school years and would do anything to relive it all again! I finished my secondary school years at Alec Hunter humanities College, achieving 2 A*’s, 4 A’s, 3B’s and 1 C grade. I am the 5th highest grading student that left in 2011 and I am now featured on my school’s honoree board displayed in the school hall.

I am a very creative person and therefore chose subjects at GCSE level to support this: my highest grade creatively was in my GCSE Drama performance and in Textiles. In both of these I accomplished an A*. I also gained an A* in English Language.

After finishing secondary school, I progressed to full time work, as I was unsure in which career direction I wanted to follow. After much consideration and exploration of my options, I knew that I wanted to follow a creative passion I have always had: within promotion and marketing. I have now progressed onto a marketing apprenticeship and I work in central London 5 days a week, whilst also holding down a part-time retail assistant job at the weekends! I love the city buzz, but what makes it better is that I got the apprenticeship on a whole- how many 17 year olds can say they work in the city, doing what they love, earning money and moving their lives upwards and onwards, when only my age?! To date, this is my glorious moment because I know that I am grabbing life by the horns and making the most of it! It is a tough job, and something you cannot do half heartedly, but its creative personality that makes the job something I enjoy- I can’t wait until Monday mornings on the Weekends!!
I love to be within the spotlight and on stage; I feel this is where my talents excel. I always try to do my best and I will never stop until I do something to my best ability. I enjoy singing, acting, dancing and Beauty Pageants. These are my strongest loved talents and I always make sure I am able to incorporate them within my life as much as possible.
Nowadays, with a full time apprenticeship in London I have to make sure I am super organised and my time is well planned to be able to fit everything in. I regard this as another of my talents.

I have had singing lessons and attended drama school. I have completed vocational workshops in drama where I stayed within University halls in the summer of 2008, working with a local theatre company, finishing with a performance of contemporary drama, dance and song. Along with this, I was also casted as one of the lead roles in my school’s version of We Will Rock You. Here I played Meatloaf. There was 6 months worth of rehearsals and preparations before the show and here I had to be dedicated. I believe this is another one of my talents and I incorporate this into everything I do.

Interests and Hobbies
I have a number of hobbies, ranging from fitness and working out to shopping, socialising and listening to new music. I love new experiences and challenges and in my eyes: nothing is too hard for me to conquer! Going to the gym is a big love in my life: I go three times a week minimum, religiously. I have the gym buzz since joining 3 months ago. I have a weekly routine where I go for a workout straight from work, here I can have time to myself, know that I am doing something good and also have a chance to see some of my friends that also go down there.

Another hobby of mine is listening to new music- at work Spotify is always on and I love listening to classics from the 80’s to new and unheard music that’s just been released. I enjoy trying new things and gaining knowledge from new experience.

I look to the future a lot and I am always holding out for what’s around the corner. I am spontaneous in some situations but I like to keep a level head the majority of the time and see how my actions could influence my future plans. I aim high, and work hard! My current apprenticeship in London will last until this time next year, and then I hope to work abroad for about a year. Here I would like to gain some more travelling experience, have a time to remember for life and have a brilliant Summer 2013. At the time I will only be 18 so I think it is prime time to do such things, as I’ll be young. When I return, I wish to get into the promotional sector of media, after gaining a Level 2 qualification in Marketing and Business through my apprenticeship. I want to launch a career in commercial modelling then too, and adjust my work life so it can be my main priority. I wish to travel to Thailand at some point and experience other cultures other than my own. I have the option to continue my level of working within an apprenticeship and gain a Level 3 qualification, which is the same as a degree- this is an option for when I return from working abroad.

Like any other woman, I hope for a family in the future too. I hope for a fairy-tale wedding, husband and life to match. I hope to fall in love and have a caring family.

No one knows what’s exactly around the corner so I’m prepared for all my plans to change, and I know there is a possibility the above ambitions may never happen, I could chose another path all together! If this does happen, I aim to embrace change to the best I can and overall, just to be happy and stable in whatever I do…

Environmental Message
I have been selected as the Environmental Manager of the London office here at my workplace. Although I knew a fair bit before about the environment through my schooling and seeing the news etc., being the manager of all things eco here has really opened my eyes to what’s out there. As cliché as it sounds, I can now look at ecological issues in a different light and instead of thinking ‘why should I do that?’ , like so many others, I can think ‘how can I do that?’ in regards to changing for the better.

My sister is currently 4 and is starting school in September- I want her children’s children to enjoy the same earth quality as we do now. Helping the environment isn’t something for someone else to act upon when it comes to improvements.. its something we should all be chipping in to helping with!

Proven with the number of years that Miss Earth UK and Teen Earth Girl has been running, it is clear that saving the planet isn’t just for hippies or tree huggers anymore.. It’s for Green Goddess’ too. It’s for you and me. It’s for our grandparents, our aunties and our siblings. Its for the celebs and scientists.. It is for EVERYONE!