Amy Nuttall

Personal Profile:
Age 17
Height 5'7"
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Hair Length Long
Skin Tone White
Eye Colour Green
Ten A*'s, four A's and one B at GCSE.
I have taken part in many charity events, helping to raise a great deal of money for some very good causes.
I am quite academic and I have done very well so far in my education.
I love art and I have had some of my work in a local exhibition.
Interests and Hobbies
I love taking part in pageants and meeting people through them. I enjoy working out at the gym, reading, painting and volunteering at my local hospital.
I am currently in sixth for studying biology, chemistry, maths and psychology. I am applying to study medicine at university later this year and hope to become a doctor. I would love the opportunity to help provide medical aid care in a disadvantaged country.
Environmental Message
People should be better educated as to the long term effects of our actions on the environment. We should put a focus on educating children about caring for our environment to ensure that they grow up with the right knowledge and attitude so that they are able to care for the world.