Emilie Farrimond

Personal Profile:
Age 17
Height 5'5"
Hair Colour Dark Blond
Hair Length Long
Skin Tone Olive
Eye Colour Blue
Divine Jewellery
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Educational; I have 13 GCSE’s achieving A’s in Drama, Expressive Arts, Art, English literature and Mathematics. And then B’s in Health and social care double award(BB), English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History and Statistics as well as Grade 4 Violin, Level 3 Cycling Proficiency, Silver Award Duke of Edinburgh, And now I am studying English Language and literature combined, Psychology, Early History and Drama and Theatre Studies at A-level. Also being accepted for national youth musical theatre.

I cycled 120 miles over 3 days for my Silver Duke of Edinburgh award and over the years have done lots of charity work for the childrens ward and childrens hospice located in exeter to raise money in memory of a school friend,being to get over her death and do things to help other children in need and raise money for those needs makes me feel happy and that i no she would be proud of me that im helping others in her memory- this was a huge personal achievement

I can play the violin up to grade 5 level also i am an actress (practioner) and studying it at A-level and have been offered a place on the national youth musical theatre 2013. I am currently building my own jewellery business and expanding it to website form very soon - im a bit of a computer whiz :)
Interests and Hobbies
Business and creating my jewellery website -My first and most favourite hobby is musical theatre, I am just coming to the final show of the production we are putting on which is Fame , and ive enjoyed it so much singing, dancing and acting surrounded by all my friends and having a great laugh, also as i mentioned before im just got into national youth musical theatre. Other than this im a bit of a book-worm I don’t know whether its classed as a hobby but I do a hell of a lot of it, just getting my way through One Day by David Nichols … fantastic book, but my favourite series was twilight and needless to say the books are so much better than the films and also books by phillipa gregory.
After College I want to go on a gap year and go travelling, may people think this is a bit of a cop-out, but I would like to go and help out somewhere do some charity work in helping animals. I love animals and would be proud of myself to say that I somehow helped conserve at least one species or more. Then go onto university and study either English or Drama, maybe both? Id love to be an actress but you always need a backup plan and mine is to either go into writing books and short stories or Journalism. And after that I’ll go whether my path takes me, I’m not to bothered about how rich I am I just like to be comfortable, not having to worry about things and have a loving family around me. Just to know I’m proud of myself for what I’ve done. Or another possiblity is to have my own clothing and jewellery shop which i run as im very determined and ambitious- i follow instruction but in life i would lie to do it my own way and regret nothing! live life to the full and make sure myself and the people who i love the most, are happy
Environmental Message
I think everyone (meaning countries) needs to work together to conserve the beautiful planet we still have left, one person/country cannot do it alone and everyone needs to contribute to make the planet a safer and better place. My passion is for conserving animal welfare and making sure indangered species are helped- when leaving college i am going to help out with the conservation of animals in different countries. I think people should care more about the beauty around them and what we have already here, outside, in the skies and in the sea's.