Jerizza Avancena

Personal Profile:
Age 16
Height 5'4"
Hair Colour Black
Hair Length Long
Skin Tone Tanned
Eye Colour Brown
Accepted at Leeds Aviation Academy to study diploma in AVIATION OPERATIONS whilst going to study (at the same time) A-Level Physics and A-Level Further Maths at another college.

- GCSEs all above grade C in:
Double award Science
Health & Social Care
Religious Education
- Leadership Award

- All 5a's in yr 6 SATs

- Philippine's Big Brother Teen Edition ; came top 15 out of 250+ that auditioned in London

- Won 2nd place at a 7-schools basketball competition in 2010
and many netball tournaments

- Was chosen to be in the school madrigal group, orchestra and recorder group at CHCHS

- Taught myself to play the piano and the guitar
- Music : violin (since 7yrs old), piano & flute (since 10yrs old), guitar & recorder (since 13yrs old)
I have used these skills to contribute to Church events, competitions or just entertainment of family and friends
- Writing (creative writing & poems)
Interests and Hobbies
- TRAVELLING: I have been to many different countries and have learnt a lot through my travels thanks to my parents , who are very supportive and thoughtful. Countries I have been to include: PHILIPPINES (the country where I was born) , SINGAPORE, FRANCE, BELGIUM, USA (includes Washington,Mississippi,Florida and many more), CANADA, ITALY; Rome and Venice.

netball team from yr 5 - yr 10 but had to stop because of GCSEs.
I am a 3-pointer in basketball and have been in basketball teams for 3yrs in total, yes, I'm one of those girls with an inner core of a sporty man !
I go swimming and to the gym as often as I can, I find it destressing and I enjoy the good feeling that comes from exercising.

-MUSIC: I play the violin,flute,guitar,piano and recorder.
I listen to all sorts of music ranging from old-school pop to classical!

- I enjoy going to the cinemas to see recent movies and of course, shopping! Spending time with my closest friends and family became very significant for me from a young age. People that impact our lives can never be taken for granted! When I am not doing anything so active there's always one thing I'm usually found favourite sport.... Napping!!

-In my spare time I volounteer at a homeless shelter to help feed people that are homeless. From my 6 months of experience of living in a 3rd World country I have learnt that I enjoy helping those that are less fortunate by helping in anyway I possibly can, even by just having a simple conversation with them and putting a smile on their faces; I think the world has wealthy people so that those less fortunate may have faith and hope.
My main goal in life is to create a success story for myself; a way for me to be remembered as a great role model to other people and to inspire others. Also, to ensure I have lived a happy amd fruitful life. In order to this, I dream of one day being able to build an eco-friendly home that educates and provides a safe environment for homeless children in third-world countries.

What's also important to me is that I one day have a loving and happy family of my own along with a successful career as an AIRLINE PILOT to give them the experienes that I have enjoyed and appreciated throughout my life.

I would love to learn more languages but as of now, I know how to speak in Tagalog, English, and French. I also know some Spanish and Ilokano. I would like to see more places, experience new things,meet new people and taste new foods from around the world!
Environmental Message
It is our responsibility as habitants of this world to raise awareness to the people in the world. Without knowledge people can not act and without action, there will be no improvement. Therefore, I believe that it is also our responsibility to raise awareness, preserve and protect the environment in order for us to be able to pass this beautiful world that we take for granted to the next generations to come.
By taking responsibility in our personal actions, we can overall acheive enormous differences that will affect every living thing in OUR home!