Jeyanne Wiltshire

Personal Profile:
Age 16
Height 5'5"
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Hair Length Long
Skin Tone White
Eye Colour Brown
I got my First aid certificate when I was only 12 and I am now going to Competitions in which I do first aid. I have also been chosen as the ambassador of a charity called Karen's Cause. which I have already started to raise an outstanding amount. Last year I raised almost £500 for my local hospital.
I think my main talent is figure skating. I have been skating for almost three years now and spend most Friday's Saturday's and Sunday's at Cardiff Ice rink.
Interests and Hobbies
I have three main hobbies which are fundraising, pageants and figure skating. I have been fundraising for various charities since I was 6 years old, My main charity being my local hospital. I still like fundraising for them but now I am helping a different charity called Karen's Cause.
I hope to study in sixth form then take a leap year and go to Africa to help people and also live with different tribes such as the chewa, fon and yoruba tribes. Then I hope to study law and criminology at university and eventually go on to being a barrister.
Environmental Message
Recycling is important. Its not hard to do and if everyone in the world did something to help no matter how big or how small, The world will stay a beautiful place for the next generation.