Paris Spencer

Personal Profile:
Age 16
Height 5'6"
Hair Colour Dark Blond
Hair Length Long
Skin Tone Olive
Eye Colour Blue
Glamorous of Northwich
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79 Witton Street, Northwich Town Centre
After finishing high school I achieved all C-As, I'm so very proud. With these grades I have been lucky enough to make it into veterinary college where I will start my studies and follow my dream to become an equine vet. I also achieved a very high level in my "environmental and land based diploma" and enjoyed every second of it. This diploma not only taught me to appreciate the environment but also how to do my bit to help save it. Some of the achievements I am most proud of are to do with horse riding. I have been riding since before I could walk and horses have been a huge influence in my life, I have many various awards for things such as dressage, show jumping and in hand showing. I find these competitions fulfilling and rewarding and a huge source of enjoyment and hope to continue competing in the future. I also have various achievement awards in out door activities like abseiling, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking and orienteering. Although I may come across as a "girly, girl" in my eyes there is nothing better than getting my hands dirty and being in the great out doors. I have grown up on a farm all my life and am very much a country girl and no amount of mascara or false eyelashes can hide that!
'm not going to brag and pretend I'm talented at pretty much everything because that would be a lie, I may be a cluts at Ice skating and make a fool of my self when it comes to getting on the dance floor but when it comes to horse riding or horse whisper I'm your girl! Over the years I have developed a amazing talent, one which I personally feel is far more valuable than your average street dancer. From an early age my mum taught me all she knew about horse, not just your average riding lessons but how to connect with them and train them in ways some people would think imposable. With a lot of practice, patients and a big dollop of compassion I finally developed a talent then even my own mother couldn't match.
Interests and Hobbies
In the summer of 2008 my mum decided to do something amazing, I was getting badly bullied at school and it seemed no matter how many times my mum tried to help things just got worse, but then one day she had an idea. My mum Penny and her friends set about raising funds for a local youth club, my mum wanted me to have a place where me and my friends from other schools and even children that were being home schooled could meet, hag out and do home work with out having to be constantly worried about the bullies. So just a few months latter she brought her idea to life and it turned out to be an even bigger success than anyone had ever imagined! Children from all over turned up to give the new youth club a try and all loved it, parents and companies from all over donated toys, money and offered to help it went down a storm. Finely i had somewhere i could have fun and just be a kid again without worrying about school on Monday. Even now I'm to old to attend I still love helping out and doing my bit for the community. I help organise trips out to places like Chester zoo and Tatton park to try and get the kids away from theirs TV's and out side having fun and enjoying our environment. Once a year my whole community comes together to raise money for the youth club to by need toys and to pay for trips, we do this by having a huge family fun day with stalls and races and pony rides the whole shebang, I really love interacting with the children and its nice knowing I'm doing something for the community. I also help a lot of people in my area with problem horses. I retrain and help the horses to over come their physical or emotional trauma, I am usually the owners last resort before having the horse put to sleep so if i do help the horse over come its problem I do get a really big sense of achievement.

When I was in preschool and the teacher said "right class I want you to draw a picture of what you want to be when you grow up" I would always be the first finish. I would draw a little stick person with a stethoscope (Me) in a big green hot air balloon traveling around the world saving animals. Now I'm a little older I have come to realize that maybe the hot air balloon idea isn't really financially viable and the whole traveling all over the world thing is a little far fetched but as for the vet part well, I'm right on track! Some day I hope to be a equine vet, I have had horses since before i could walk and over the years they have given me such huge amount of love and compassion and one day I hope to be able to give some of that back.
Some day i hope to be a equine vet, i have had horses since before i could walk and over the years they have given me such huge amount of love and compassion and one day i hope to be able to give some of that back. Aside from this i would love to be a model, i have always loved the working with new people and find this new world so exciting and fulfilling.
Environmental Message
The environment has always been very important to be and growing up on a farm I really learnt to appreciate it. When most 15 year old's were busy watching Hollyoaks on TV I was plowing the fields with my step dad, building dens in the garden with my little sister or out riding one of our horses. I had an amazing child hood and know I am very lucky. I hope to be able to teach other child just like my self how important the environment is and that even if we do the smallest things to help we will make a huge difference. I want to help open peoples eyes that a tree might just be a tree to you but it is the key part to a whole ecosystem and food chain, by educating young people like our selves today we stand a far better chance in the future!