Sophia Rigiani

Personal Profile:
Age 16
Height 5'1"
Hair Colour Black
Hair Length Very Long
Skin Tone Olive
Eye Colour Brown
Port Mahadia
Port Mahadia: "We are a Progressive Rock band based in the USA in Louisville Kentucky. We have been invited to do many south American, European and North eastern US prog festivals, as well as open for some touring musicians on their US/Asian tour. Although we do occasionaly play venues and have plans on touring US and Europe at the moment we are a 85% studio band. Our last CD "Echoes in Time used the talents of our core group with the addition of "Damian Wilson" of the band "Threshold". Damian has also work with Rick Wakeman of YES on a solo project and sang several years in LesMiserabls in Londons West End. Damian lives in England. We also used Natalie Chua another british vocalist discovered by Simon Cowell. Our narrator was yet another Brit and actor, David Lee. Hugh McDowell, living in Wales and former long time member of ELO (the Electric Light Orchestra) did a few tracks on Cello. And last is David Ragsdale of the legendary prog band "KANSAS". Rags played violin on two songs on the CD. Ragsdale has also done work with Smashing Pumpkins, Queensryche, Barbra Mandrell and many others. Some of our next CDs will feature some of the same with new addition heavyweights in the music world."
I sat my GCSEs one year early and achieved A* in English Language, A* Biology, A in Textiles (design and manufacture), A in physics and an A in religious studies. while achieveing "The Gridley Award in Art" and "The Abbott Award in Textiles"!

I am a featured blogger for The Millennial Reports Group and thus I am an activist whom blogs about environmental issues and animal welfare.

School prefect

Raised money for animal charities WSPA, Battersea Dogs Home and a young boy in my area who needs money for an operation in the USA in order to walk.
My strongest talents are art related. Due to having a passion for art from a young age I have developed into a creative person and I am inspired by all forms of art: Fashion, Fine Art, Design, Modelling, Photography etc.
I can also horse ride as I have a love for animals so from a young age I have attended a horse sanctuary where I help to care for the horses as well as ride.
Interests and Hobbies
My hobbies and interests are making a change in the world.
I support animal charities such as WSPA, and I like to learn about the environment in order to help to care for it so many generations can experience the beauty that we have for years to come.
My ambition is to continue my studies to become a graphic designer after hopefully attending University of the Arts in London as I want to take as many opportunities in life as I can.
Environmental Message
In life, by reducing minor things such as the use of aerosol cans (spray deodorant) and walking to our local shops instead of driving, we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas released into the atomosphere which then leads to climate change. This is extremely harmful to our planet and its inhibitants - as the melting of the ice caps portray.
It's not just the weather that changes: species die and even become extinct due to the new conditions which they have not yet adapted to.
We should respect and care for our planet, all we have to do is cut out some of the minor things to us, but major things to our planet.