Amy Willerton

Personal Profile:
Age 22
Height 5'9"
Hair Colour Dark Blond
Hair Length Very Long
Skin Tone Olive
Eye Colour Green
I left school with 13 GCSEs and 3 A levels, I then went on to take a gap year which I used to travel. Becoming a beauty queen lead me to incredible experiences such working with talents such as Russell Brand, competing in international competitions and running my own charity events. During this year I was lucky enough to be scouted to take part in Sky Living\'s Signed by Katie Price and went on to win the competition. Although I decided to walk away from the competitions contract, the show gave me fantastic exposure and a real career boost. I have since landed a presenting job with The House of Luxury on Fashion TV, and have two further shows coming out later this year. Modelling wise, I have been working with such as Philip Treacy, Pretty Little Thing, and Judas Sinned. And have just become international face of diamond brand - Shawish - who have recently launched \'the worlds first diamond ring'.
I communicate with my brother using Makaton Sign Language - which I view as a great talent as it allows me to connect with people living with disabilities. My job as a TV presenter requires quick thinking and good communication skills. I also involve myself in all areas of the arts; with acting, dancing and singing.
Interests and Hobbies
I'm fascinated by English history and culture and have always wanted to become a part of our own modern day history. I love being in the great outdoors! And keeping fit through surfing, skiing and rock climbing. I'm a bit of a dare devil and love all kinds of extreme sports! I adore performing arts and the freedom of creation it gives.
I want to continue to build a successful career in media. And use the power of the media to push forward important messages - such as equality and the need to help others. I wish to try and change the misconceptions of beauty pageants. I hope to one day set up my own charity to raise money to build activity day centres for disabled adults in the UK because my younger brother is disabled and I have first hand seen the affects that lack of support is having on disabled people and their families.

Ultimately I would love one day to my own TV show, and design a collection of Eco Friendly Jewellery and clothes.
Environmental Message
I have been involved with a campaign known as 'We are what we do' since I was 16, the message being put fourth is small changes x lots of people = a massive difference. I believe if everyone contributed just one small change to their lives and stuck to it - we would be on our way to creating positive difference around the world. As a passionate and social person I always try to inspire those around me to make the right choices for everyone.