Nadina Knight

Personal Profile:
Age 26
Height 5'7"
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Hair Length Very Long
Skin Tone Olive
Eye Colour Hazel
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- BA (Hons) Music Industry Management
- BA (Hons) Studio Production
- A Levels (4)
- GCSE (9) (A* -C)
- L.A.M.D.A (Grade 1 - Silver Medal)

That is me on paper! But for me there have been so many more notable achievements in my life that are not on paper!

I work regularly to help multiple charities over the years, and especially in the UK, I have personally raised approx £1,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support and a further £80,000 working on events with others to help the cause. I have been lucky enough to help raise over £30,000 for Variety UK, £1,000 for Strongbones I worked alongside an opticians for a long time to help a sustainable society and those less fortunate by recycling reading glasses from the UK for children with impaired vision and most recently I have been giving my support to Broomfield Youth FC to help them raise a target of £40,000 to build a new boys home at the Light In Africa orphanage in Tanzania.

I am proud to say I have been the victim of bullying as coming out the other side has made me the strong woman I am today, but this bullying was not at school it was at an adult age of 21 when I was struggling with weight management due to poor nutritional education! I am proud to say I lost 5 stone working hard on my own to achieve the body and positive mental attitude that I wanted! Health has always been of upmost importance to me and my family due to family illnesses so I put in the hard work and determination needed to turn my life around. This massive change taught me just how much determination I have and I apply this to everything I undertake.

As a singer I have been lucky enough to complete a tour in Cyprus, support major US artists of the time (2009) and work alongside some incredibly talented people.

Only last year I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to Judges Houses on the UK X Factor with my band XYRA.
My main talent is singing, it is something I have had a passion for since a very young age, I also dance, act, and am a confident public speaker, presenter, ambassador and a translator, speaking fluent French, English and conversational German and I have been told I'm very professional in terms of event planning and graphics design.

I am also a very happy and outgoing person this means I get along with everyone and enjoy learning about new cultures and people. I am quick to learn and have a keen interest in cookery and fashion, I find it extremely easy to talk to anyone about pretty much anything!
Interests and Hobbies
Something that those only close to me may know is that I am a keen gardener! I have landscaped my own garden, growing my own herb garden, fruit trees and flower garden! So for anyone who likes cherry pie I am the girl to go to!

I love cooking, art, learning new languages and skills, I do graphics design in my spare time, I sing, model and keep fit! I have recently set up a healthy eating Instagram posting food inspiration and recipes! I am a keen event planner also and in ecent months I have been working hard along with others who are close to me to put on events for various charities.
First and foremost I feel it is important to live life to its fullest, to have good health for me and my family and to have the love of my friends and family alike. Charity work is extremely important to me and I would love to continue the work I have been involved in already as well as hopefully progressing this on to a national or international platform.

As well as gaining a role in the music industry as a career I would like to continue working towards a more sustainable society, involving myself in initiatives such as the reading glasses recycle with TK&S Optometrists and hopefully start my own initiative in the not so distant future.
Environmental Message
I believe that our environment is like a child, it is the legacy that we will leave behind. Therefore we should nurture our environment, our planet the best that we can. A quote from Nelson Mandela that I strongly believe in “You can never have an impact on society, if you have not first changed yourself” I believe that each small step that we take individually in recycling and environmental care will amount to a much bigger impact that will change the world we live in.