Danielle Latimer

Personal Profile:
Age 25
Height 5'7"
Hair Colour Dark Blond
Hair Length Very Long
Skin Tone White
Eye Colour Green
Lungta De Fancy
For more information about Lungta De Fancy Designs as featured at LFW 2014 visit http://www.lungtadefancy.com/
My greatest achievements include graduating with a BA Hons in Dance and Professional Practice from the University of Bedfordshire at 2:1 standard.

I was also an Olympic Youth Ambassador for the London 2012 Games. As I was highly active within my PE department in school, I was asked to help with the Olympic bid in 2005. I travelled to Singapore with the nation’s greatest sporting heroes (including David Beckham, Seb Coe and Denise Lewis) to deliver the presentation. We were victorious and I had the privilege to work with LOCOG in the run up to games and even got to perform in the opening ceremony.

Another achievement of mine was that I was a vegetarian for the whole year of 2012. It was my new year’s resolution that I stuck to. It took a lot of will power as I did not allow myself to eat any fish or gelatine products, (goodbye sweets and meats!). I did this because I worked alongside PETA and Greenpeace for my blog and decided to pledge a year to reduce the consumption of meat. I am very proud of this achievement because it affected my daily life, I gained inner strength and it opened up a whole new appreciation for food and the art of cooking. I have since become a vegan after watching the ‘Earthlings’ documentary and thoroughly enjoying my lifestyle change.
My talents include:
-Choreographing contemporary dance
- Cheerleading
- Cooking
- Make-up artistry
- Motivational speaking
-Spreading positive energy
Interests and Hobbies
My interests include anything to do with the great outdoors. I love to ski, hike, climb, cycle and run.

I enjoy participating in charity challenges; I have completed a total of 7 crazy fundraising challenges in the past two years! One of which was running the Virgin London Marathon in April 2013 for the World Wildlife Fund.

Another hobby of mine is Make-up artistry, this expresses my creative side. I particularly love to do full transformations for fancy dress occasions. I also write a beauty blog specifically for eco-friendly and cruelty free cosmetics.
My greatest ambition in life is to travel the entire world! I am a huge adventurer at heart and have dreams of globe-trotting and seeing all the wonders this planet has to offer. My aim is to be the first beauty queen to visit both of the north and south poles!

Another ambition of mine is to start up a residential summer camp for children with special needs. Somewhere that combines outdoor adventure recreation, performing arts and teaching life skills, as well as gain friends. As a child my happiest memories were at summer camps or on school trips, I know that my sister, who has Downs Syndrome, enjoyed them just as much. I believe it would be an extremely rewarding venture with a cause close to my heart. Hopefully this will be achievable in the next few years.
Environmental Message
We are guests on this planet, do what you can to treat it with respect for future generations.

Power in numbers is severely underrated. If everyone made a conscious effort to make little changes to their daily routine, it would do the world of good.

Whether it's our rainforests, oceans or wildlife, we all have two hands and a voice to help, speak for those that have no voice.