Isabelle Heath

Personal Profile:
Age 19
Height 5'7"
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Hair Length Long
Skin Tone Olive
Eye Colour Brown
Danebury Racing Stables
The training facilities are the best in the area. 310 acres of gallops and paddocks, 2 ALL weather gallops one a straight mile with shavings, the other is a 7F gallop shaped like a letter P made of sand and rubber flakes. There are 7 Grass gallops, starting stalls, a one mile straight gallop which was established over 100 years ago, of which over 150 tons of peat were used in the making of this gallop. Schooling facilities for hurdling and chasing, play pens for turning horses out and keeping them happy. Horse Walker which can accommodate 6 horses, treadmill, a horse weighing machine, hay dust extractor.
Most of my achievements to date have been academic, which is reflected in my GCSEs, A Levels and now at university. I achieved 4A*s, 6As and 3Bs at GCSE level and A*AAB at A-level. I have also just completed my first year of an International Business and French degree, achieving a first, placing in the top 3 and was awarded a prize sponsored by Unilever.

In another aspect of my life, I have continuously raised money for charity from being small. In 2011, I went completely out of my comfort zone in order to help others. I did a 10,000ft tandem skydive (with a fear of heights) in order to raise money for the MAD Foundation (raising just over £1000 including gift aid), of which I am extremely proud. Recently I filmed 2 episodes of a popular game show with my Mum as my partner, this also was nerve wracking but yet another wonderful experience of which I am pleased I have done.

For me overcoming my low self-esteem has been a massive achievement. I have gone from a geeky 12 year old and being bullied, to someone who is no longer afraid to stand out. When times got difficult, I just carried on working hard and stayed true to myself.
I have never been someone for having a so called 'talent'. I have a natural aptitude for languages which has developed into loving the French language. More conventionally, I have become quite good at pole fitness, and find it a fun way to keep fit.
Interests and Hobbies
There are many things which interest me which includes animals, quizzing and travelling. However my two main hobbies are pole fitness and shopping. I am the new president of the pole fitness society at university after having won the recent election. I have also managed to combine my love for travelling with shopping and am proud to have an international wardrobe! I also work part-time for an engineering company as a Data Analyst.
I am a very ambitious person and aim to succeed in everything I set my mind to. My overriding aim is to be a well-known successful businesswoman after having completed my degree alongside using my individuality to be able to make a difference. I would love to prove and show to people that you can be individual and true to yourself to succeed and you don't need to conform.

Environmental Message
My environmental message is all about looking after our planetís animals, whether they be domestic or wild. Animals suffer at our hand every day and it needs to stop. If everyone was environmentally aware, they would understand the consequences of their actions. I believe animal welfare should be a priority and should be taught in schools. Pets are not toys to be discarded when you are bored, they are a life commitment. They cannot prevent their suffering, they need a voice. We have a duty of care, not of exploitation.