Irene Jattan

Personal Profile:
Age 25
Height 5'6"
Hair Colour Black
Hair Length Long
Skin Tone Tanned
Eye Colour Brown
Ibstock Stores and Jaipurware Melamine
Educationally I have been able to support myself financially and had taken a diverted root into getting a higher educational qualification on my own, as well as, working full time. This is an achievement for myself as it has taught me to be disciplined professionally and financially but also given me the drive and determination to succeed in anything I focus on in life.
I have also participated in charity fashion shows across the UK which has helped build my confidence.

I am a very outgoing and approachable person and with my working life I have achieved numerous awards for my customer service, and also have a wide customer base.

Having worked in a large organisation for a number of years I have seen a lot of wastage. I have always done my part and also encouraged others around me at work and at home, however, with a wider platform it would enable to take it one step further in fulfilling this ambition of a greener planet.

Participated in charity fashion show events.

Studied FIlm, Drama and Geography and widening my interest by going to different parts of the UK and abroad and understanding how the planet works and why problems are becoming bigger and the causes.
The past 4 years I have been working in the Banking Sector and have expertise in retail banking.

I have an interest in dance, having attended Bollywood and hip hop dance classes throughout the years.

Having won numerous awards for my customer service it has benefited tremendously in my personal life enabling me to build connections on a day to day basis and has become natural for me to do so.
Interests and Hobbies
I have a passion for travelling. Having been born and brought up in the UK, I have been fortunate to travel throughout my life from the age of 11 months old. Having family all over the world it has enabled me to appreciate the different walks of life and cultures in different parts of the world. It also reminds me, every time I see a new part of the world, how beautiful the world we live in is and how important it is to keep it beautiful.
I am a huge fan of Hindi cinema and have a fascination in the film making process and how a film can capture and take an audience into a completely different place for its duration.
I also enjoy keeping active by playing many different sports from basketball to tennis and swimming to the trampoline.
Having travelled, I have come to realise how beautiful the world we live is and how each part maybe different but is as important as the other. I have always been doing my part in reducing my carbon foot print but I know the only way it can make a huge difference is if everyone is able to do their part. I would like to be able to have a scheme where it becomes the norm to recycle any recyclable material in every household. Overall this will help to reduce the reduction in tress and also landfill sites which are destroying the world.

I also aspire to help reach out to the less fortunate where the simplest things like clean water are available on a daily basis. My inspiration for this comes from Bill Gates who has many different organisations working with different countries to reduce the hardship so many people can have a simple drink of clean water which is taken for granted in other countries.
Environmental Message
Our world is a beautiful place. Letís keep it that way and help others to see its beauty as well as their own. One clean drink of water can make the world of a difference to your part, make a difference.