Louise Maggs

Personal Profile:
Age 25
Height 5'9"
Hair Colour Dark Blond
Hair Length Long
Skin Tone White
Eye Colour Brown
Smart Hair Extentions
Smart Hair Extensions owned & run by Roisin, is a full time fully trained Hair Extension Specialist based in Brighton & owns her own Salon in Hassocks, along with providing an outstanding salon experience & mobile service in Sussex to those who are unable to make it to the salon offering a number of Hair Extension services using the Smart Locks that uses

No Heat, No Glue & No Damage.

Smart Locks are unique tiny, very lightweight locks which are similar to copper tubes but designed to be even more undetectable in the hair by laying flatter & thinner and coloured to blend in with your own hair then these are slid up the natural hair were the extension tip is placed inside & clamped down to be secured in place for 8-10 weeks. As these locks are able to be flattened & lay completely flush on the head, they are extremely comfortable to wear & you will not even know you are wearing the extensions.

Roisin provides a friendly personal service to create the style you want at an affordable price.

Smart Hair Extensions offer an extensive range of options to allow you to get exactly what you want and what you need. You pick the hair type, how long it is and what colour it is! Donít be limited to a single option!

For full information visit us at www.smarthairextensions.co.uk
I have achieved a Bsc(Hons) degree in Animal Management. I have a learning difficulty, which shows I am very hard working and determined.

I struggled through my whole school years with the teachers not knowing I had a dyslexia and they just thought I was not intelligent. It went undiscovered until I was 17 when at college they were offering dyslexia tests since they were finding people like myself who did not know they had it who had been struggling through their school years. My A level biology teacher was so negative towards me and said in these exact words " I don't know why you are going to university you will never get a degree." This just made me more determined and I proved her very wrong. It shows that with hard work and determination you can achieve anything you want to achieve in life.

I have set up my own dog walking and pet care service business which is currently growing. I really enjoy doing it along with my dog Daisy who gets to come on all my walks with me and her doggy friends.
Dog training- I have got my own dog and trained her in obedience and agility. I have also trained her to do lots of dog tricks which she enjoys. I am a kind, caring person and empathize with animals.
Interests and Hobbies
I am part of Steyning Athletics Club and swim every week with the club and take part in their galas.

I like to keep fit and healthy in doing so I take part in Pilates and Zumba weekly. My job as a dog walker means I walk about 50-60 miles a week, therefore my office is our environment.

I have a love for music and really enjoy singing. I also enjoy modelling and I have a strong passion for animals and love for the beautiful countryside that I live in. I do flyball & agility with my dog Daisy who I got as a puppy at 8 weeks old, trained her myself and I love her to pieces. I have pet wallabies, yes pet wallabies and just recently got ducks.
To be a successful business women, to travel and to be a role model for the younger generation, showing them that you don't have to be academic to achieve things in life. I would love to represent my county and country in Miss Earth.
Environmental Message
You can make a world of difference if you respect the environment that we live in. Be comfortable in your own skin and let animals keep theirs.