Lydia Lewington

Personal Profile:
Age 22
Height 5'7"
Hair Colour Light Blon
Hair Length Long
Skin Tone White
Eye Colour Blue
NHS Forest Growing Forests for health
The NHS Forest is a project coordinated by the charity, the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare. Funded by charitable trusts, corporate and individual sponsorship, the project’s central aims are to:

improve the health and wellbeing of staff, patients and communities through increasing access to green space on or near to NHS land
encourage greater social cohesion between NHS sites and the local communities around them
spark projects that bring together professionals and volunteers to use new and existing woodland for art, food crops, reflective or exercise spaces and to encourage biodiversity

Come to our annual conference looking at Creating Healing Environments on 7th October and find out more about us at
I have always achieved highly academically, getting 8A’s at GCSE level. I then studied A level chemistry, biology, physics and business at grades AABC.
I am currently a third year Adult-BSc (Hons) Nursing Student studying at the University of Southampton (Due to qualify August 2014).
As a member of the young textiles group for nine years, winning three regional embroiders guild competitions and exhibiting work in the local library, I have always illustrated dextrous and creative ability.

I am also part of the Southampton university cheer-leading; this has given me the opportunity to work on my gymnastic skills and flexibility (I can do the splits).

I am a keen horse rider and have entered and been placed in over 100 show jumping, dressage and cross country competitions
Interests and Hobbies
In my spare time i enjoy keeping fit and am a member of the Southampton university Athletics team (recently competing in a cross country half marathon to raise money for charity). Exercise is vital for well-being, and I enjoy working hard towards both personal goals and competitive team achievements.

I am actively involved with the charity Students for Kids International Projects (SKIP). SKIP is a UK, student led, registered charity which supports child welfare in communities throughout the developing world. SKIP aims to develop sustainable, community based projects that improve the health and well being of children. Through SKIP I gained the opportunity to spend six weeks teaching in rural Madagascar. Our main focuses were sanitation, sexual health and malaria prevention. Working with SKIP has truly opened my eyes to the huge scale of health inequality across the globe – the local hospital that had no running water or electricity, which was humbling to say the least. I am currently on the committee of this award winning charity as the training coordinator. In this role I am responsible for organising and facilitating training sessions for all new volunteers. I run teaching sessions on a range of subjects (e.g. health and safety, research and development and child protection) aiming to equip volunteers with the knowledge and skills they require before going out on project in Madagascar.

From my experiences with SKIP I have been inspired by the positive impact teaching simple health care messages to young people can have, not only on their own health and wellbeing but also on that of the wider community. I have found working with young people incredibly enjoyable and rewarding. This interest has led to my involvement with Sexpression; a similar student led charity. Sexpression Southampton delivers fun and relevant sexual health teaching to young people in local secondary schools. I am confident in my ability to deliver engaging and innovative teaching sessions on challenging topics such as body image, sexual health, family planning and gender equality. I have also gained many transferable skills in leadership, team building, understanding group dynamics and conflict resolution.
I aim to achieve a first in my degree and go on to be a caring nurse who positively impacts on people lives. I believe that caring for people is an honour; as a newly qualified nurse I will strive to deliver the best possible care based on the most up-to-date evidence available. I will lead quality improvement and innovation to ensure high-quality care not only for my patients, but ultimately to improve the National Health Service for generations to come. Alongside this ambition i wish to become more actively involved in Global Health and make a difference to the health care of those less fortunate then myself.
Environmental Message
During my nursing degree the importance of being accountable for my actions and decisions has been greatly emphasised. I believe the accountability as a health care professional means not only ensuring that the right outcome is reached for individual patients but that every decision made also ensures the financial and environmental stability of the NHS. How Ironic is it to successfully treat someone with lung cancer by using a health care system that emits thousands of tons of carcinogenic pollutants? Or to save someone's life using a surgical instrument that has been sourced unethically? You cannot simply think about the people you are caring for, there are wider ramifications.

Every individual, business and organisation needs to be personally accountable for their environmental impact.

At present there is very little in the way of research or education on the carbon emissions resulting from everyday clinical practice; I feel passionately that this needs to change. Working alongside the NHS Forest and Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (CSH) has further clarified for me the importance of monitoring and reducing the environmental impact of everyday nursing practice. As Miss Earth Berkshire I aim to publicise the need for greener nursing and promote a sense of accountability amongst fellow health care professionals to take personal responsibility for the carbon footprint of the NHS.