Abi Collier

Personal Profile:
Age 19
Height 5'7"
Hair Colour Dark Blond
Hair Length Long
Skin Tone White
Eye Colour Green
Parker Software and Abi Lauren Photography
Parker Software

Parker Software is a UK based independent software house. Established in 2003 we have offices in the USA and the UK. Parker Software develops innovative software aimed at online companies.

We produces two flagship products: "WhosOn", a live visitor tracking and live chat solution and "Email2DB", an email parser and business process automation solution.

Parker Software's products are used by thousands of businesses, large and small, in 58 countries worldwide. Our WhosOn product is sold to both end users and to hosting businesses under a whitelabel solution. We are a privately held company, and all our software products are owned, developed & supported by us from our offices in the UK and USA.

This is a great place to work for anyone who is motivated and driven. Success is prominent within our company, and with a relaxed and friendly environment, staff are happy and content within the workplace, which helps to drive our sales to the max, making us exceptionally successful. Teamwork is at the heart of everything that we do.


Contact Number: +44 (0) 330 0882 943

Abi Lauren Photography

Abi Lauren Photography is my own personal photography company. I am based in Staffordshire and have shot at a range of events before. Seeing how happy my photos have made people is what has made me wish to take photography up as a business.

I am available for:
Wedding Photography
Engagements Shoots
Fashion Photography
Portrait Shoots
Special Events
Band/Musician Shots

I am only in the beginning stages of my photography business, and so can offer highly affordable and great deals to suit you. I am a friendly and approachable person who will take the time to listen to you, so as I can produce the photos that you really want.

Please take a look at my Facebook page and give it a like: https://www.facebook.com/abilaurenphotography

Email address: abilaurenphotography@yahoo.co.uk
I have achieved great results from my education that took a lot of hard work and of which I am very proud. I achieved 5 grade A* GCSE's, 6 grade A GCSE's, 1 grade A A Level, and 2 grade B A Levels.

I have always done well for myself in my different careers so far, and feel honoured and privileged to have achieved a place within my current company, Parker Software, where teamwork and success is prominent.

I managed to get short-listed for a government-backed short story competition many years ago which has fuelled my passion for writing ever since.

I have won a photography competition with the theme of promoting awareness of eating disorders. I felt a great deal of pride knowing that my photo has been seen by many and has potentially helped those who suffer.
Professional wedding photographer

Writer - poetry and working on a novel

Interests and Hobbies
I would say that my main hobby, which I also feel is my greatest talent is writing. Since I've been able to hold a pencil, I've never stopped scribbling my thoughts down onto paper. I mostly enjoy writing a range of fiction including novels, short stories, poetry and raps.

Another hobby of mine is photography. I am a firm believer that there is beauty in everything and love to capture it through the eye of my lens.

I also regularly attend the gym and relax with yoga and meditation.

I spend my spare time in the moorlands and woods in my surrounding local area, enjoying nature for all that it has to offer.
If I could have one wish in life come true, it would be for myself, my family and my friends to always be happy. However, you must work for what you get, and so I endeavour each day to make this wish come true and bring a smile to the faces of those around me.

In terms of a career, my ambition is to be an author. Seeing my work published would be the greatest of achievements in my eyes, and would fill me with an incomparable sense of accomplishment.

Lastly, I aspire to be a representative to others in terms of caring for our earth for the brief time that we will spend upon it, and this is what fuels my desire to become Miss Earth England. By making simple, yet effective changes to my lifestyle, I hope to be an inspiration for others to do the same.
Environmental Message
I am passionate about getting people to love our environment. Too many people spend their lives enclosed within four walls. The sights that our planet has to offer are second to none, and can bring an overwhelming sense of belonging and peace like no other. I want to promote enjoying our natural environment to the full, and help to build up a respect for our resources that are depleting so quickly within our society.